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    FEMC Universal Screw Denester ‐‐ Designed to automatically denest and accurately place trays, lids, cups or any items that possess uniform stacking features.

    Every Universal Screw Denester is adjustable for any size container without the need for tools, and can reach speeds of 300 containers per minute in a single lane!

    Available in standalone or line‐mounted configurations for maximum flexibility and ease of integration.

    The patented FEMC Universal Screw Denester is capable of placing containers that are uniform in size, semi‐rigid and have an equal amount of space between the flanges when stacked. Most plastic and many aluminum containers are ideal for denesting by the Universal Screw Denester. FEMC’s innovative screw design first separates each container from the stack with a stainless steel denesting blade. The container is then further separated from the stack thanks to a longer, secondary screw; breaking the vacuum formed between container and stack. This helps to ensure accurate and error‐free placement.

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