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    Inkjet Printers

    Zanasi - Established in 1978, Zanasi has experienced continuous growth in its major printing system categories. With Authorized Distributors in over 80 countries throughout the world. They are an Italian based, worldwide manufacturer of Ink Jet Printing Systems for marking packages to identify the products contained in both industrial and consumer packaging.

    Zanasi USA can guarantee complete customer service in the installation and maintenance of their printing systems.

    Z5000 ‐‐‐ The Z5000 offers the ultimate excellent printing quality, the result of an Innovative 32 dots technology. Texts of up to 5 lines may be obtained by using several combined printing Matrix. Up to six languages may be selected from the console and, furthermore, by elaborating the software, Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese and Korean characters can be included.

    The Z5000 is fitted with an easy one START/STOP button, it makes the Start up and Shut down operations simpler and faster and includes the automatic flushing of the printing head with solvent.

    The complete and reliable hydraulic circuit which sets this system apart from others also allows the use of light pigmented inks on dark surfaces with a fast drying time and good adhesion on the most material. Additional this system can manage the food grade inks for printing directly to food products.

    The solid STAINLESS STEEL casing offers a high level of protection (IP65) and great reliability in a range of harsh environments (high level of humidity, water jets or fine dust).

    The electronic control of the Z5000 system has been completely based on SMD technology, guaranteeing stability, speed performance, memory and high level calculations.

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    GraphJet ‐‐‐ The tallest marking print head allowing up to 4" of data and or graphic images. The system is composed from a console, programmed by a GraphJET software installed in a PC and a Printhead kit. This printhead kit can be or 102mm (4") or 50 mm (2") tall.

    This versatile printhead is capable of printing text, graphics and bar codes up to 102 (4") mm tall. The flexibility of the 768dot printhead makes it possible for a single printhead to replace multiple printheads, thereby simplifying controller electronics and minimizing required space on the transport.

    The GraphJET printhead produces images with 768 orifices in 256 controllable channels. It employs Zanasi's proprietary piezoelectric technology to produce ITF‐14, EAN/UCC‐128 and other barcodes (including associated human readable characters) directly onto packaging. This eliminates the need for costly labels or preprinted images. It robust design, featuring a stainless steel orifice plate, enables the Printhead to perform seamlessly in rigorous industrial environments.

    The high jetting frequency of the printhead enables the user to produce bar codes at transport speeds in excess of 90 mt./min (295 feet/minute).

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