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    Weighing Equipment

    In‐Motion Scale

    The In‐Motion Scale from Process Integration is a free standing, self contained and powered in‐motion scale designed for rugged manufacturing and distribution center use.

    The In‐Motion Scale is extremely accurate, dependable and its integrated control makes installation a snap.

    Available in roller or belt conveyor designs, the In‐Motion Scale can be custom designed to your industrial scale application. For more information download the In-Motion Scale PDF

    Scales ‐‐ Process Integration provides a wide variety of scale solutions. From the most precise digital tabletop scales for work in the lab to the largest of truck scales, Process Integration has you covered.

    Rice Lake ‐‐‐ Rice Lake Weighing Systems has been a leader in the industrial scale and process‐control weighing industry for 60 years. They design, manufacture, and distribute equipment through the world’s largest network of independent scale distributors, and offer the largest selection of load cells, weigh modules, and advanced instrumentation‐‐‐over 20,000 products‐‐‐to meet virtually every weighing requirement.


    Rice Lake 920i ‐‐‐ The Rice Lake 920i combines performance‐driven circuitry, simplified architecture, and intuitive features. Up to 10 different screens can be programmed to change with the process, and graphic icons and messages show setpoint and function status. The multi‐channel display feature shows the weight on an individual scale or a combination of totalized scales. When used in batching/mixing applications, one 920i is capable of handling multiple scale, flow temperature and pulse. It can control hundreds of I/O setpoints, queuing such things as gates and conveyors. It also has complete database capability for data storage.

    GSE ‐‐‐ GSE Scale Systems is the global leader in programmable weight indicators and scales. GSE products are ideal for simple weighing or counting of anything from gold dust to freight trains. GSE indicators can control bagging and batching processes, check weighing, inventory control and interface with PLC systems or data managements systems. GSE indicators may be programmed with a powerful macro language or User C and can connect with scoreboards, printers, scanners, feeders, photo sensors, switches and relays. GSE products are sold through an international network of distributors and equipment manufacturers that can provide you with a simple "off the shelf" solution or a sophisticated custom application to improve your productivity and increase the accuracy of your processes.

    Weigh‐Tronix ‐‐‐ Just one instrument ‐ with so much capacity for work The WI‐127 Indicator from Weigh‐Tronix is proving to be the instrument of choice in thousands of industrial settings. It brings a full spectrum of standard features and a flexible options package which make it easily adaptable to almost any application. Seldom will you find the opportunity to purchase a single instrument with this much power and functionality.
    One instrument, multiple tasks. One way to gauge the value of a weighing instrument is to measure its ability to grow and adapt to new processes. The WI‐127 Indicator switches easily from job to job. The WI‐127's operations mode lets you view or change the parameters for all its normal weighing operations: push‐button tare; keypad tare entry; one to ten tare registers; setpoint registers; checkweighing values for target weight, over and under; identification number, time and date. Its simple setup allows you to choose any capacity you need.



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